Leaders and Summits of the Young World

The Young Global Leaders Summit has the most respected Global Leaders in politics and entrepreneurship, who will discuss affairs and challenges faced on economic growth, empowerment of the women and sustainability in the private sector, as well as representatives from business and international organizations that require ideas and innovation.

The One Young World Summit in London on 22 – 25 October is the place where young leaders will descend in 2019, bringing together talented and forward-thinking delegates who will make lasting connections in almost every sector, as no youth movement represents as many nationalities as this Summit. The aim is to jointly develop changes, because it is the leaders who will shape tomorrow, and to tackle unemployment and quality opportunities to the majority of the world. The annual Summit convenes young talents working for social impact, from 190+ countries, as well as influential business leaders such as Paul Polman, amongst other figures, who will participate in transformative speeches, networking and have the opportunity to give keynote speeches with world media attendance.

The importance of women and their contribution to society, as well as empowering women into the community and giving back are also subjects that will be discussed. One Young World is a not-for-profit organization that develops solutions to the most pressing issues by staging Summits where delegates from corporations are joined by leaders, ever since inception. If you want to build a world that diffuses conflicts and seeks to build rather than destroy, then the One Young World Summit in October is where you need to be: a must-attend event.

Past Counsellors such as Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson and Professor Muhammad Yunus made a great difference at the One Young World Summit, which sees the forum for leaders return home and with over 300 languages to be heard, London is one of the world’s biggest centers with historic sites such as Big Ben, where the past and future merge. The young leaders attend via competitive processes based on leadership and impact, due to the fact that a diverse community is a priority with One Young World. Founded by Kate Robertson, OYW hosts an international summit for speakers to debate solutions for issues, and the attendees range from non-profits to the young influencers to turn selected delegates into ambassadors who will emerge in leadership positions.

One Young World ensures that attendance is available, as well as core scholarships, by working to create opportunities for candidates with a range of skill sets, together with partners of the world’s organizations including companies and top talents. One Young World partners with global NGOs and leading companies make an integral part of the talent retention, as companies demonstrate their commitment to people, including Audi, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Deloitte, GE, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey and Unilever. In many instances, their voices are raised as to not be ignored, which is why every year the attendance of leaders is accentuated, especially for developing countries, and applicants can attend either individually or under participant organizations.

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