About the Y2Y and why you can’t miss it

Citizens across the world, not older than 35 years, will be there to develop together for the 5th edition, while going back from where it started, to the young leaders who developed actions for governments and organizations on the most relevant topics for the community, based on action plans and the needs of the world community. If you live in Taiwan, you can apply for a training course that takes place on 12th June in Ho Chi Minh City, as there is no cost, participants will get a farewell dinner and their transportation and accommodation covered, receiving a certificate, so go ahead and apply. At the Summit there will be also Céline Quervel present, who works at World of Virtual-reality Company in Germany and is responsible for Future Education, implementing a platform for learning content to visually enrich the knowledge and building a network of education institutions to create awareness for the project.

The Summit will cover gender equality, economic growth, business, entrepreneurship, youth unemployment, peace through dialogue and co-creating cities and the overall aim is to provide a platform for leaders to hone their diplomacy, intercultural communication and self-development skills by bringing together students, activists, social entrepreneurs and businessmen to start a dialogue. There will be great people at the 5th Y2Y Summit, and one of them is Hamza Chraibi, the Founder of Arab Excellence, an organization which aims at empowering the next generations with role models through programs that provide them with methods for key organizations such as UAE University, J.P. Morgan and other institutions. Prior to founding Arab Excellence, Hamza had an investment team of the BPI and an experience M&A, but if you want to find out more about this trainer, check out the official website.

At the Summit there are lots of escorts who do an excellent job by accompanying those who want somebody to discuss with. So in case you are shy and don’t want to attend the event by yourself, you will be able to hire an escort by checking out an escort agency website and selecting one. An important detail if you are a single man and you want to enjoy Y2Y Summit is that the escorts are very smart and can be paid depending on the requirements, and they will be glad to be your company for the day, just make sure you discuss all the details beforehand.

We are delighted that it will take place for the first time to Asia, and they have selected a theme of interest to people from local youth who want to explore forecasts for our society, economy and culture or spot tendencies in industry and development. The mission is to share experience and work together in order to create a just and sustainable society, so in order to explore possibilities for collaborative solutions, the 5th International Youth will take place in Asia. There are 6 main topics covered which can be explored from different perspectives, for building opportunities that will help move forward to tomorrow.

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