International and Global Initiatives to watch in 2019

1. Global Solutions Summit

Young Global Changers is the next generation from around the globe who contribute their ideas, as young people are passionate about shaping a better future, which is why this program attracts young professionals each year. All discussions linked to the narrative of economic and social issues, as well as multilateralism, at times when international cooperation is under severe strain, and when the need of global problem solvers is high. In the future, there will be a permanent worldwide network of outstanding young talents who demonstrate prowess and who are engaged in social and environmental activities and who will participate in the summer school. In 2019 participants from various sectors have registered and met with speakers as the summit aimed to serve as a stepping stone to the one in May and the Japanese G20 Summit as an associated event. While in Berlin, experts from think tanks shared their know-how during lectures, working with individuals from the economic sector, as well as thought leaders who attended discussions and engaged with the ideas of Young Global Changers.

2. The Global Initiative for Economic, Social And Cultural Rights
They strive to strengthen the human rights framework through standard-setting so that it reflects the needs of marginalized groups and partner with social movements at national levels to claim ESC rights by engaging mechanisms for an effective impact. Gl-ESCR is an organisation that believes in the end of endemic problems and economic injustice through human, as their vision is of human rights that reflect the experiences, effectively furthering economic justice dignity, and catalyzing change from the global to the local. They constantly try to enforce rights through regional mechanisms, seeking to create jurisprudence aimed at change through networks of rights organizations and advance the enjoyment at national levels in order to defend rights through focus and strategies.

3. World Economic Forum 2019
We cannot solve the global challenges without partnerships between business and civil society, so commending the outcomes of the global initiatives for mental-health, this forum called for global trust and dignity, shaping an architecture adapted to the challenges of the Annual Meeting. The World Economic Forum this year celebrated exciting measures to some of the most pressing social problems and these initiatives are based on continued commitment of stakeholders to better the state of our world. The Prime Minister of Japan pledged his G20 chairmanship to an agenda for governance, as the process would work under the World Trade Organization, while the German Chancellor reaffirmed her commitment to find common ground in search of a more flexible superpower.

4. Climate Action Summit 2019
UN Secretary-General, in The Guardian, discussed of the concerns of climate change and the delivery of ambitious solutions. There is time to tackle an effort from society, boost actions on the Paris Agreement UN Secretary-General will host and meet the challenge, as it will showcase a leap in national ambition and demonstrate movements in the economy together with strong political momentum among companies and civil society.

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